Laurie McClave is a California born multi-media figurative artist who grew up surrounded by the artists in her family. She was taught at an early age to draw by her mother and quickly it became a passion. She was constantly drawing or doodling and immersed herself in drawing, sculpture,and painting classes in grade school , high school and beyond. She got her art degree at the San Francisco Art Institute where she earned an honors studio spot and her BFA in painting.

Over the years, Laurie has developed her own voice and style which she spends hours and hours perfecting. Her pantheon of goddesses, flora and fauna are at once untouchable and approachable, with a come hither glance and steely resolve. Dark and surreal characters seem to be on a mission to draw the viewer into their story. She has always been interested in ancient myth and lore and likes to find the root of every story and how it relates to us today.

Laurie has been exhibiting around the world and formerly owned a small Hybrid gallery collective called Red Raven Gallery in her adopted home town on the Northwest Olympic Peninsula, where she could be found helping other artists find their niche.

Laurie McClave, prolific figure and fantasy artist, features myth, legend and vision in her female representations of the elegant goddess and mystical divine. Precise and bold, her work helps us imagine moral, ethical and political import while simultaneously wowing us with sophistication and style.”

Cara Leckenby